Collection: Lace Weight Yarn

Naturally dyed lace weight yarn

These lace weight yarns are delicate and have an ethereal quality.  There is quite a variation in weight for lace weight yarns.  The Craft Yarn Council labels them as "Lace", and number "0".

They are well-suited to shawls and wraps.  They are also lovely in lightweight sweaters or stranded together or with heavier yarns to create unique effects.  

The dyes are all derived from nature, and come from plants or insects.  Where possible, we source local Ontario materials.  When these are not available, we look to Canadian distributors.

Products made from this yarn should be hand washed in cool water with wool wash and laid flat to dry.  

We currently have two products in this weight:

Merino Cashmere Silk Lace Weight Yarn

This is a gorgeous blend of 75% superwash merino wool, 15% cashmere and 10% silk.  It is delicate, airy and soft.

Alpaca Tencel Nylon Lace Weight Yarn 

This is a beautiful blend of 35% Alpaca, 55% Tencel and 10% nylon that is soft and shiny and ready for your delicate creations.

lace weight wool dyed with natural dyes