Collection: Worsted Weight Yarn

Naturally Dyed Worsted Weight Yarn

These yarns are heavier than sport weight yarns and lighter than bulky yarns.  They would fit under the Craft Yarn Council's "medium" classification, also called "4".  

These yarns knit relatively quickly.  They are lovely in sweaters, especially ones warn for warmth.  They are also great for hats, mitts, shawls, scarves, wraps, and most other knitted items.

We currently have two offerings in this weight:

Organic Worsted Merino Wool

This yarn is made with 100% organic merino wool.  It has four plies, and is next-to-skin soft.  It is not a superwash yarn,

Ontario Dorset Wool - Worsted Weight

This yarn comes from local sheep.  It is spongy and warm.  It is not a superwash wool.

Organic wool dyed with natural dyes