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Why do this?

The story behind the online store

Starting an online store focused on natural dyes and organic wool was a definite step off of the conventional path for me.

Mindful Yarns is a second career.  I was a lawyer for over 25 years, with most of my practice in family law. I helped people navigate through separation and divorce.  There was definitely good in that, but there was a fair amount of stress and negativity.  And at some point the balance shifted, and the negative outweighed the positive.  

It was time for a step back and rebalancing.  No job or paycheque is worth sacrificing health and happiness.

I like to keep busy. There was no way that I was ready to “retire”.

So I returned to what had always brought me joy.  Wool, nature, fibre, colour, creating.  I started knitting and crocheting when I was 12.  I started spinning when I was 20. That was when I learned about natural dyes.  Throughout the years, creating was my refuge.  There was rarely a night when I didn't have yarn in my hands.  That helped ground me.  It was my meditation.

In starting this online store focusing on natural dyes, organic wool and other ethically sourced yarn, I am blending my passion for creating with my love of discovery and feeling of responsibilty for our enviroment.

In finding happiness again, I also seek to bring joy to others.  I hope that my creations will bring nature and goodness into peoples' homes, and to help them find refuge or mindfulness, or whatever they need.

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