Mindful Yarns and Fibres

naturally-dyed yarns and fibres in Ontario, Canada

We use natural dyes and have a selection of organic, local and other ethically-produced yarns and fibres for your knitting, crochet, weaving and other fibre needs

Samples knit from our yarns

pink hand knit socks using naturally dyed organic wool
yellow beanie knit with naturally dyed organic wool on rock
delicate lace shawl knit with naturally dyed organic wool

Yarns, Fibres, and More Created Mindfully

We care about our effect on our environment and using sustainable methods to create beauty

  • Organic Yarns

    We select certified organic yarns and apply our natural dyes to them. The certification is based on social/fair trade and environmental factors.

  • Natural Dyes

    We use a combination of foraged and purchased dyestuff, depending on availability. These natural dyes come from plants and insects.

  • Local Wool

    We buy wool from Ontario producers and dye their wool using our methods and natural dyes.