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Spinning Batts

Spinning Batts

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These batts are each unique.  They are made of Ontario wool, organic merino, other wools, mohair, silk, hemp, tencel.  Not every batt contains all of these materials.  Any dyed fibre is made with natural dyes.  All batts are at least 50 grams in weight.  

Batts allow you to unleash your spinning creativity!  You can spin directly from the batt, pull the batt into rough strips, pre-draft the batt, diz it, and more!

These batts are not named after the dyes used, as they are made of of many elements.  We assign letters based on the colour/fibre groupings used.


Natural dyes
Mixed fibres - may include wool, alpaca, hemp, silk, soy, tencel.

Weight and yardage

50 grams

Care information

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